End of August, we participated in the international dog shows in Romania and Hungary. Our perro de agua espanol make excellent resuts. So, first day on CACIB Oradea (RO) our boy Zorrazo Tinkerty Tonk (swd), currently in a short coat, won CACIB, while female Zorrazo Voice of Finland same won CACIB and Best of breed, after that second place in a group VIII, BOG2.  Second show has been in Debrecen, Hungary, night show, our spansh vater dogs also have achived remarkable results. This time male take Best of Breed (BOB).  Next day Oradea - Romania national dog show, we repeated the results of the previous day: perro de agua, or spanish water dog Zorrazo Tinkerty Tonk won CAC.  Female Zorrazo Voice of Finland also CAC, we were very proud of her when she again won Best of Group VIII second place (BOG2).  Klara and Maura competed with our Perro de Agua Espanol (Spanish Water Dogs) at Junior Handling, had a great competition, were excellent, demonstrated knowledge and skills. Maura take with Fin.  Long journey was succuessful.  We got new Champions of Romania & Hungary !!!  On the way home we visited Budapest.