The Spanish Water Dog is a medium size dog that is slightly longer then tall (9/8). Have curly coat that may form cords when long.
This rustic breed has been known by many different names, including Perro de Agua Espanol ,Turco Andaluz, Perro Turco, Laneto,…

The SWD can be seen in a variety of colours. It may be black, beige, brown, or white; bicolour where the second colour is white; or particolour.
The fishermen in the northern part of Spain preferred the lighter colored dogs because they were easier to see in the water, so they primarily used white, beige and bi-colored dogs. The farmers preferred the darker colored dogs because they were easier to see in the pastures, so most of those dogs were brown or black.

Spanish Water Dogs require minimal grooming. SWDs should never be brushed, instead, as the cords grow they should be checked for matting. When matting does occur they should be gently pulled apart without tearing the cords. If there is too much matting the cords should be sheared.
SWD puppies should be trimmed for the first time at around the age of 4 months. Once of the year, the coat must be evenly sheared from entire body.

While the SWD are very healthy breed , there are some issues that it has, just like all other breeds. All breeding dogs should have their hips and elbows tested. Like other Water Dogs and related breeds, they grow hair in their ear canals and can be prone to ear infections. The ears must be kept dry and clean.

The Spanish Water Dog is extremely intelligent and well-balanced, versatile working dog with strong herding, hunting and guardian instincts. Spanish water dog is devoted to family, good companion, attentive and happy dog. Easily for trained.

Because of its high intelligence and working drive, Spanish water dog must be kept mentally and physically active doing something. Some of the tasks that the Spanish Water Dogs are used for are search and rescue, bomb detection, narcotics detection, herding, water sports, competitive agility, obedience, therapy work, and more…

Life expectancy SWD is about 10 – 14 years.